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♪ in the news this sunday morning, september 5th, a deadly crash near the lake. two people are dead, at least three others were life-threatening injuries. and craigslist puts the word sensored where the adult services section once was, follows calls by a dozen states to get rid of those internet ads. >> sun coming up at 6:43. very little fog. just a little in napa and the central coast. sunny and warmer today. >> thank you, lisa. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm carolyn tyler. san francisco police are investigating a crash that occurred late last night leaving two people dead at the scene, three others are in critical condition this morning.
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it happened around 10:30 near the southern end of lake mersaid where lake mersaid boulevard is. a gray honda crossed over into oncoming traffic and was broadsided by a white toyota. two men in their twenties inside that honda died at the scene. three people in the toyota are in critical condition. police can't say yet what caused the honda's driver to veer off course. the word sensored replaces the phrase adult services on craigslist this morning after 17 attorneys general called on the website to get rid of the ads. amy reports. >> those who have pressured craigslist are now full of praise. >> over a number of years, we've persuaded craigslist to take axle eliminating prostitution ads and fortunately now its done the right thing voluntarily by shutting down the adult services
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section. >> or has it? the word sensored now appears where the adult services section once was but melissa farley with prostitution research and education points out ads for sex are still there. >> any look at their website, you'll see that they're now on casual encounters. >> we clicked on the casual encounters link and found postings offering sex. >> they're facilitating the buying and selling and marketing of the most vulnerable people in our culture. that's people in prostitution. >> craigslist ceo jump buckmaster has not responded to questions about the new sensored icon. and we didn't find the company's founder, craig newmark hanging out at his favorite cafe but newmark's neighbors are quick to defend him. he and craigslist and everybody there have done so much good for the world that because, you know, some attorneys general somewhere wants to make his name by trashing craig's reputation, it's really not right.
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>> some people in the sex industry say losing craigslist will push many women back to the streets some prostitutes say they get about 10 to 15% of their business from craigslist. the website benefits, too. analysts believe the sex ads bring in about $36 million for the company. for melissa farley, this shouldn't be about money. >> this is a human rights violation. it's violence against women. >> the craigslist founder, craig newmarch, posted a thank you for support. a p. r. representative saying they'll be issuing a statement at a later time. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> hercules police will return to a pittsburgh landfill in about three hours to continue searching through a mountain of garbage. they're looking for evidence in a bizarre killing spree. investigators suspect that a missing man whose body may have wound up at the landfill could be a fifth murder victim.
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abc 7's lisa amin gulezian reports they found no sign of the man since locating his abandoned s.u.v. >> there is a lot of debris here. it is very time consuming. >> sifting through one acre of land and 3,000 tons of trash is taking days. the landfill is the hercules police department's strongest lead. >> why are you looking for frederick salas here? >> we're looking for anything that will lead us to frederick salas. >> he's still missing. his father ricardo was found bludgeoned to death inside this hercules home last saturday. that's also the alast time anyone saw frederick. the owner of the home is cindy tran. she's valdamaro's girlfriend. they believe he attacked his son because one might be involved with tran. police think valdamaro strangled
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his girlfriend before he was shot to death in a confrontation with police tuesday night. investigators still need answers. they're hoping to find them here. 15 search and rescue volunteers and one cadaver dog are sifting through debris inch by inch. >> you have to search, you know, small areas at one time. with the dog it is very difficult because there are have many different scents. >> the only other place police have to turn is here. the solano county lockup. it's where charles rittenhouse is. the 72-year-old knows who used to stay with rittenhouse and his wife allen. vallejo police found allen and her friend smart dead tuesday. right now rittenhouse is charged only with having large amounts of explosives in the house. his attorney says rittenhouse isn't involved with any murders.
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>> i have reason to believe the bodies were put there sometime that day, tuesday date of his arrest. >> the reason police came to this landfill is because the car valdamaro was last seen driving which also happens to belong to allen was dump at a hercules shopping center. all the trash from that center comes to this landfill. in pittsburgh, lisa amin gulezian, abc 7 news. >> national transportation safety board investigators are examining the wreckage of a small plane that crashed into a lagoon near san carlos airport on thursday. that plane was brought to shore friday evening. the bodies of two victims still inside the beech 65 twin engine aircraft. the body of a third victim was recovered on thursday. the ntsb says the flight controls on the small plane were in the correct position. >> a section of the aircraft for closer investigation for some of the flight controls, put it on a
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trailer, truck it to a secure falls -- facility and then do a search with the manufacturer. >> they don't expect a report for six to nine months. a fairfield city councilman was inspiration for a buyback. police gave $100 gift cards to anyone who turned in a weapon. the buyback celebrates the memory of matt garcia. he was shot to death in front of a friend's home on labor day weekend two years ago. garcia's parents came to support the gun drive and honor their son. >> it's not to step on anyone's second amendment rights. it's to get those guns that go in the wrong hands and tell people what happened to our son matt. >> he was shot in what police called a case of mistaken
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identity. garcia was the country's youngest councilman. more than 55 weapons were collected in the first half of that gun buy-back. christian conservatives spent yesterday praying and fasting in front of the state capitol in sacramento because a conscious as it was called, it was ace rally against gay marriage pornography and abortion. organizers say the 12-hour event helped highlight what they call immoral love being passed in sacramento. they want traditional marriage restored. prop 8 approved by 52% of those who voted outlawed same sex unions, but last month that ban was struck down and ruled unconstitutional. today is the first gay pride celebration in oakland since 2004. funding is provided by the port of oakland. today is designated oakland pride day by a resolution passed by the city council. the festivities will be held in
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oakland's uptown district from 23rd to franklin street from noon to 6 p.m.. there will be a diverse lineup of live entertainment plus family-friendly and kid zones. of course, food and a variety of exhibits will be part of the fun. a long-term purpose of oakland pride day is educate and promote equality, awareness and human rights in the community. up next why b.p. officials say the well that leaked all that oil in the gulf of mexico no longer is a threat. and officials survey the damage in new zealand following
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in the gulf of mexico crews have pulled the massive blowout preventer to the surface.
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that's the device that was supposed to keep oil from gushing into the gulf. it took nearly 30 hours to hoist the 300 ton preventer out of the water and now it's on its way to a nasa facility in louisiana for analysis. abc's tom bradley has more. >> b.p.'s blowout preventer reached the service where investigators took possession and evidence. >> it will be transferred to other vessels and transferred to the area where it will be taken into custody. >> the blowout preventer was supposed to be the last line of defense. it should have sealed the well pipe preventing oil from escaping. it didn't. and more than 200 million gallons of oil spilled into the gulf of mexico causing the worst environmental disaster in u.s. history. the leak was capped in july and engineers have placed a new blowout preventer on the well. >> i'm very pleased to announce there was a new blowout preventer on this well. it doesn't cause a threat to the gulf of mexico. >> the blowout preventer is one
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piece of the investigation. the government is looking why a bubble of methane gas escaped from the well and ignited. the exemployees april 20th killed 11 workers. it could prove vital in lawsuits if the equipment was poorly maintained, b.p. could be found criminally negligent. they set aside $20 billion in a supervised account and so far has spent $8 billion on the spill. >> the government is investigating another offshore facility. this one mariner interviews the million platform, a fire broke out there thursday forcing 13 crew members into the water. they all survived and there were no signs of leaking oil. abc news, washington. >> this morning authorities in christ church, new zealand, are assessing the damage from that powerful magnitude 7.1 earthquake that rocked the city early yesterday our time. about 120 inner city buildings were badly damaged. they're being inspected to see
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if they're safe to enter. residents were ordered to stay in their homes overnight to prevent looting. rescue workers have set up shelters for people forced from their homes. >> 60 persons staying here overnight. areas, obviously they can't go back. >> new zealand's prime minister said it's a miracle no one was killed. it could be months before the full damage is known. initially estimates put the cost of the earthquake at $1.2 billion. >> the airline announced steven slater is no longer employed. jetblue is not releasing any further details slighting slater's privacy. his lawyer said slater left flying and wanted to go back to work. slater's hero status attracted
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thousands of online fans, some urging jetblue to keep him employed. >> well, lisa argen here now with a preview of the accu-weather forecast this labor day weekend. >> we have a little dense fog. and that's an indication that higher pressure is building in over the bay area squashing that fog. so the rest of the bay area is clear. a live look outside from our roof camera and we'll be looking at more sunshine and yet warmer temperatures for the next couple days. i'll have that forecast next. >> thank you, lisa. also ahead, a giant comeback. a 9th inning rally pulls the giants closer to the padreingngg
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the burning man is no more. the effigy went down in flames last night. the 40 foot structure collapsed before a cheering crowd of more than 50,000 people in the nevada desert. youstream broadcast live video an extravagant appeared let up to the torching. it's a week-long festival and musical performances. over the years it's evolved into a temporary city where people pay up to $360 for a ticket. no arrests have been reported in the desert which is about 110 miles north of reno. and it is always so hot there. lots of naked people. (laughter) >> that's right.
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all the naked people. >> yes. >> maybe some clothes this afternoon and tomorrow because of the warmer weather. the northerly wind scouring out the fog. a live look from our ballmer peak camera. out over the city a little haze. high pressure is building and those north winds scouring the clouds. we do have a few. but where the clouds have cleared, look at the temperatures. really dropped 45 in napa, 46 santa rosa with 45 at the coast. half moon bay. 55 oakland. a little bit of dense fog here and there but that is gonna dissipate quickly with that warmer air evaporating it. just some areas of fog along the central coast. also in the north bay. warmer today and even warmer tomorrow for the weekend. in fact, enjoy it because dramatic cooling takes place for the middle of the week with mist and drizzle and temperatures well below average.
5:20 am
so here's where we stand this morning with the clear sky and temperatures responding with 60s and 70s around the bay today. but we'll get into the upper 70s. and if you head to the inland valleys, some mid-80s. so should be pretty nice. in fact, if you like it warmer, tomorrow will be your day then. as high pressure builds in, the fog is really being swept away. we do have this around monterey, but warmer weather is going to be with us. so this time, the timing working out for the weekend if you like it warm. so we are looking at temperatures to climb in the southern sierra which show windy conditions in the northern sierra. so the relative humidity goes down, the fire danger goes up in tahoe. even with a temperature of 74 it's comfortable but still very breezy there. 94 in the southern sierra. with monterey's clouds, they'll be giving way to more sunshine throughout the morning. as a result, temperatures will be climbing to the 60s there
5:21 am
with some 90s returning into the sacramento valley. the art festival today in sausalito, sunny, 70. look at that, tomorrow 8 degrees warmer and millbrae, the winds kicking up today with temperatures in the upper 60s. a lot of sunshine though in the south bay. numbers in the mid-80s. so nice summer afternoon. los gatos, 88. 84 santa clara. peninsula starting out with just a little fog. but then you soon will see a sunny day, half moon bay bay, 67. 79 redwood city and in san francisco today numbers as much as 4 or 50 degrees warmer. 70 your high. 85 sonoma working up through clear lake. 77 san leandro and out over the hills very pleasant afternoon. not much of a change for you today. you see the wind shift later on this afternoon, becoming quite gusty in the higher elevations and even warmer tomorrow. 90 in dublin today and monterey
5:22 am
starting out with some dense fog and 73 in santa cruz. the accu-weather seven-day forecast. so a little breezy around the bay today. and that's due to the north winds. tomorrow the warmest day and look at that drop. good 10 to 12 degrees tuesday, wednesday. drizzle, overnight lows will be chilly. so right on cue after labor day. >> yeah, but last week we were thinking labor day was going to be cool. >> quickly changing. >> yeah. it's nice to have that warm weather. thanks, lisa. let's check out sports. the niners and the raiders open the regular season next sunday. so this weekend was dedicated to college football with both cal and stanford at home. opened the season against sacramento state. here's mike shumann with the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning. quarterback andrew lush shows the nation he's the real deal as the cardinal man handled sacramento state. never met the hornets before.
5:23 am
first quarter stanford up 7-0. having a field day with the hornet's secondary. makes a great move after the catch to create separation. 81 on the score. 9th longest in stanford history. 14-0 cardinals. wasn't a complete pushover. later in the first. fails to punt on his 30. a few men miss and he's gone. 70 yards to the house. all of a sudden it's a 14-7 ball game. but luck was the story. in the second, zack's first career touchdown, 31-7 stanford. just before the half, makes a nice catch on this 15-yard touchdown. andrew threw for 615 yards. in this opener 52-17. >> we were on the skirts in this park. good first half performance. didn't do so hot in the second half, beginning of the second half. the ones that were in there. but things evolve.
5:24 am
>> all right. cal can top their regular season hosting u.c. davis and the warm-up. cannot be stopped led by quarterback kevin reilly. a new kid on the block, allen. this was the only time cal did not score when they took the field. first quarter bears on the move. kevin reilly finds a wide open chain for the 23-yard strike. cal takes a 7-0 lead. in the second more this time. marvin jones on the post, 14 yards. rally through for 258 yards and 3 t. d.'s. 14-0 bears. later in the second allen takes the hand off on the reverse. looks like he wants to throw it but instead tucks it, keeps to himself and looks like he's going to be a special player. 18 yards for the first college touchdown, 21-0 bears. phil in the second. his way from eight yards out. he runs for 67 yards. two t. d.'s.
5:25 am
35-0 at the half. second half cal's ball. watch him take it inside. turns on the jets. 48-yard touchdown. are you kidding me! the bears are 1-0 with a 52-3 victory. >> before the game, helped us a lot. went through a lot of stuff in the offseason, got us better. came out here and played. >> all right. new san jose coach mark mcentire take on top-ranked alabama. work to impress early. bounces outside. 32-yard game. touched off a field goal. spartans only trail 7-3. but bamma would roll. early in the second quarter, next possession, a. j. mckaren. watch this catch. one hand.
5:26 am
48-3 san jose state. the giants in l.a. facing the dodgers and knew before the game the padres had lost. these come-back kids refuse to lose with the 9th inning rally for the win. matt on the bump for the giants. in the 4th, cain giving up the big fly. three-run fly. gibbons. buster pocze finally breaks through. a soaring blast into left. 4-1 dodgers. then in the 8th after rent rhea made a blast. now it's 4-3 dodgers. heads to the 9th with one out. completes the comeback. takes the lead 5-4. then brian wilson with runners on the corner will get out of the jam in the 9th for his 39th
5:27 am
save. the giants two back the padres and the west. trevor cahill becomes the first game winner for the a's for 2007 as he shuts down the a's, those bottom two. penny with the two-out r.b.i. single. scores, 2-0 a's. putting up sy young's numbers. six shut-out innings. lowering his era to 2 hin 72 as the a's knock off the halos 3-1. at the u.s. open, roger federer and carolina was the mackky. see you tonight at 5:00. have great day. >> up next, the federal stimulus program that's put thousands of bay area to work and the major drive to prestrength from running out. new signs of life in the technology. the jobs of that come
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>> a federally funded jobs program that's put a quarter of a million americans back to work is set to expire at the end of this month unless congress reauthorizes the money to pay for it. members of san francisco's political and business communities are launching a campaign to persuade congress to do just that. this chevron station is one of hundreds of companies participanting in a san francisco program called jobs now. they use federal stimulus dollars to hire workers. that funding pays their salary. there are 3,820 san franciscans enrolled in the program including mario castio. >> so blessed what i have. >> but his blessing, his job and the jobs of others could soon be
5:31 am
over. the program is set to expire at the end of the month. the u.s. house has voted to extend it, the senate has not. 30 million americans in 37 states are affected. san francisco meyer . >> it reduces the cost of government, increases economic growth and private sector development. >> newsom is now leading a coalition of his counterparts in other cities including new york and chicago to lobby congress. and there's another effort involving the director of this company internet archives where 145 jobs now participants work. roger miller is contacting other businesses in ten key states to target lawmakers. >> starting an online campaign to petition senators from each
5:32 am
state from a business side, let us create more jobs. >> and congress returns from recess this week. at least one part of the bay area economy is showing some policies signs in terms of job growth and an influx of companies. a number of hi-tech companies are landing in dublin and pleasanton, an area some are now calling silicon valley east. >> one bay area company that's growing. and moving from its current location in concord to a building twice as big in pleasanton. >> we're trying to draw resources of hi-tech people. we want to be as close as we can to silicon valley and the right mix for a company like us. >> san jose software is another company moving to pleasanton. >> tech cameras bring other tech companies and find suppliers and vendors. software companies want to be near other software companies that they can learn from and grow with.
5:33 am
>> the number of jobs in pleasanton dropped 11%. 2008 the city lost 1200 when wamu closed its call center. in 2005 the takeover by oracle took over 600 positions. job losses mostly come in retail. dublin also attracted new companies with a package of incentives. >> we've lowered the traffic impact fee. established a fee deferral program. institute a sales tax reimbursement program to help with tenant improvement. >> in all relocations from other parts of the bay area are expected to bring 600 new jobs to the tri-valley. moves are encouraging. the rate much higher than it was just a few years ago. >> the larger market is honestly it's downsizing. >> michael is with kayers international, a realty firm. >> i think what we read is we're close to the bottom. when big companies take space
5:34 am
like they're doing, ancillary businesses start to grow and hope it picks up. >> the vacancy rate in the trivalley is now about 20% compared with 12% five years ago. in pleasanton, laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> if you're one of the many people in the bay area looking for work, we want to let you know about the job fair sponsored by abc 7 and the california job journal. it will be later this month, tuesday september 28th at the hotel whitcome in san francisco. you can find more at under "see it on tv." while the 49ers prepare for next sunday's nfl season opener, team management is focusing on moving forward with plans to build the new stadium in santa clara. on wednesday santa clara city planners are expected to approve zoning changes needed to build the new stadium next to the great america theme park. design plans for the $937 million facility are also
5:35 am
expected to be approved. santa clara voters okayed the deal back in june. now city leaders need to finalize the details so the team can line up financing for construction. if all goes as planned, the team would open the 2014 season in the south bay. but, of course, san francisco is not giving up yet on trying to keep the team. >> no, not at all. >> at that windy candlestick. actually they would move it to a new site at hunter's point. >> the winds today, they're going to be a factor around the bay. stirring up the fog this morning almost. still dense fog in the north bay, the central coast. but we will look at a warmer day today and the warmest day of the week, it's close. i'll tell but it next. >> thanks, lisa. also ahead, the tree-top teams also ahead, the tree-top teams that are going to great heights the most powerful half-ton crew in america
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>> this is a sierra nevada red fox. a camera captured an image of an animal like this south of reno on august 11th. now dna tests have confirmed it. the sightings happened in the national forest. scientists confirms it from sal lava from a chicken that the fox bit. redwoods have survived floods, fires and the logger's ax. but the impact of global warming is still a question mark. what will climate change mean for the sequoias and the redwoods up north. a team of scientists have finding out and going about it in a most unusual way. here's dan ashley with
5:39 am
assignment 7 report. >> this is an unconventional experiment taking place high above the ground. the branches of giant sequoias in the witkerr forest near king's canyon national park. we provided cameras to shoot the installation. >> just spent the day branch mapping. >> researchers davis and humble stake have come together to study these giants. they are taking careful measurements and using special cameras to take photos high up in these trees. they'll count the leaves and measure the branches. >> you hold it in position. you go with your compass with the other hand. one hand you get the measurement other hoping to determine whether global warming it having an impact on the last remaining groves of redwoods in the world. >> it's critical to get up into the trees because that's where all the action's happening. that's what's going on in the
5:40 am
tree. in order to understand the tree and what it's doing and how it's growing and its structure and its function, you need to get up there. you can't just study these trees from the ground. >> two centuries of logging decimated old growth redwoods. these ancient trees once covered large portions of northern california. today only about 5% of the original forest is left. over the next three years, the team will branch out and climb the huge sequoias and immense redwoods at 13 locations around the state as part of a $2.5 million project. we caught up with the researchers recently in humbolt county. that's where they launched the redwoods initiative. the goal is one key question. >> what's the future of these trees in a changing world. >> hartly is executive director of the save the redwoods league, a nonprofit dedicated to preserving these great trees. >> we need to understand the
5:41 am
past of these trees. we need to understand how they're functioning today so we can make smart decisions how we can save them in the future is climate change is happening now. not one of those things we're going to look to happen in the future. if we don't start working on finding solutions now, you know, these eco systems, these trees, these species of all kinds, going to be gone. >> the study has already yielded some interesting results. >> we're finding that trees that are over 1500 years old are growing more than they ever had in their history and that is completely unpredicted from basic scientific understanding what happened to old forests and old trees. >> they found evidence of decreased fog where redwoods grow and fluctuations by the amount of water lost and absorbed by tree leaves. core samples are another important tool in understanding the life of these trees. >> at base height, you only get a limited view of the tree. >> getting samples from high up
5:42 am
in the trees used to mean waiting for them to fall. >> the key to redwoods and the key to the tree rings and having samples that have a stronger pattern, more representative rings is growing up in the tree. >> tree rings can cover past humidity, rainfall, fog and temperature. to keep tabs on future readings, they are also installing sensitive monitoring equipment. >> we put these sensors in the trees to monitor climatic conditions and then we can monitor things like the flow of water through the tree. >> the boxwood weighs about 60 pounds and another 40 pounds of cabling. >> ideally the team hopes to eventually streamline those boxes into smaller devices that will be placed on treetops throughout forests. >> with a device like this, it's a wireless microclimate sensor. it will enable you to quantify the climate that the tree's
5:43 am
experiencing wherever you put this device. >> using the data collector, scientist hope to preserve what's left of these magnificent giants for future generations. dan ashley, abc 7 news. >> well, that project is being funded by bay area billionaire ken fisher who studied forestry. if you'd like to make a contribution there's a link at under "see it on tv." lisa, they talked about microclimate sensors. i guess your computers have something like that. >> very interesting. the microclimates today in full swing. we are looking at still a range at our coast and inland valleys. but usually the fog that dictates much of our summer weather will be taking a bit of a hiatus later on today and tomorrow because we've got high pressure building into the north. we provide wind shift and less
5:44 am
fog. our roof camera shows a little bit -- you can't tell from this. but patchy fog in the north bay from napa and santa cruz. so we are looking at just a few areas. and with the clear sky, temperatures have dropped along the coast, half moon bay at 45. 46 santa rosa. you have some fog and the visibility is about a half mile down through watsonville. 56. fremont 53 in sunnyvale and 60s for concord and antioch. so just patchy coastal fog in the north bay along the central coast. and we will see a warmer day today, kind of breezy around the bay at times and by tomorrow the winds shift to an offshore component. not gonna last though. we've got another to have waiting in the wings. we have mid-week cooling with mist and drizzle. so this morning the fog could quickly dissipate and we'll see those 60s at our beaches, 70s san francisco and tomorrow it just keeps going up. so a brief warm-up really will
5:45 am
be focussed on labor day. so if you have plans tomorrow, should be a great beach day. some 80s around the bay. and even 90s sneaking into our east bay valleys. so with the ridge of high pressure, our fair weather maker, it will be a sunny afternoon today and that's going to last into tomorrow as that ridge builds. the winds though will be picking up in the higher elevations overnight tonight. don't think it will be too gusty but they are windy enough today for the fire danger to be a concern in the northern and southern sierra. 74 lake tahoe. some choppy seas out there on the lake. 67 monterey. look for 85 los angeles. they have some fog. and hot weather in the desert. palm springs 108. back home we will be looking at a warmer day today at sausalito with sunshine and 70. the warmest day will be tomorrow though. as much as 8 degrees warmer. breezy winds around millbrae for your art and win festival. 68 for the high. and temperatures today low to
5:46 am
mid-80s for the most part around santa clara and milpitas. 88 los gatos. peninsula 77. san mateo 83 mountainview more sunshine for pacifica and half moon bay. san francisco topping out around 70 today, north bay numbers. wide range with mid-60s, nice sunny afternoon at stinson, low to mid-90s way north. east bay you're warming up in berkeley today, 75 in oakland. look for 80 castro valley and out over the hills. another nice afternoon. 91 walnut creek in danville so warm day here. and the fog dense for the next couple hours and then giving way to a lot of sun with 67 in monterey and 86 in hollister. so warmer weather today. a little breezy. patchy dense fog along the coast early and then a warmer day today, even warmer tomorrow with an offshore flow and then mist and drizzle returns for much, much cooler weather. and, you know, this can translate into some freezing
5:47 am
temperatures in the mountains. >> no. >> i know. briefly. (laughter) >> thank you, lisa. don't go away. "7 on your side" is next. >> someone else's personal information winds up in your computer. could you be
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>> many of us worry hackers might get ahold of our personal information. it happens all the time. what if you're on the receiving end of someone else's information. here's michael finney. >> a regular best buy customer. he has a store account and often receives e-mails from the company. not unusual but one day received an e-mail for a different customer. it contained a receipt for a product he didn't buy.
5:50 am
the purchase was made in michigan by a woman he didn't know by the name of virginia black. right away, reuben figured the worst. >> theft. identity theft. somebody took my card and somebody making purchases on my card in my name. >> reuben called best buy and the store assured him nobody used his account. the company promised to find out why he received someone else's e-mail and put a stop to it. however, that was only the beginning. >> i received e-mail after e-mail after e-mail after e-mail after e-mail with all her purchases, all her geek squad orders and times for pickups. everything she purchased, cameras, laptops, power supplies. >> best buy kept promising to fix the problem but the e-mails kept coming. reuben felt he new the woman. more troubling he had her best buy member i.d. number. in the wrong hands, he filled that could be misused. >> the implications that could
5:51 am
happen if her information was to be leaked and they could point the finger towards me saying, you know, you gave this person's information out when i didn't. and my only concern was to get rid of it, not to see her information anymore. >> months went by. misplaced e-mails were still coming. best buy sent reuben a $20 gift card. after that he received nine more virginia black e-mails. >> who is virginia black. every time i open my e-mail, i'm seeing this person's information and it's weighing on me after months and months and months. i said what do i have to do to stop this. >> what's when he called "7 on your side" and we contacted best buy. the company said technicians were working on a software problem. it apologized for the delay and sent reuben another gift card. this one for $50. finally days after we got involved, the errant e-mails stopped. best buy would not say how the mistake occurred nor whether virginia black was ever notified. it said while we cannot comment
5:52 am
on the specifics of customer account issues, we can insure that customer privacy is taken very seriously and no confidential information is contained in any e-mail communications. reuben, well, he's relieved. >> i feel better. i feel like somebody put a blanket over me, that type of comfort. >> so can you be held liable for receiving someone else's information. our legal analyst says dean johnson says no, that it was best buy's mistake. reuben did everything right but here's a word of advice. if this ever happens to you, put that notification in writing. i'm michael finney, "7 on your side." >> coming up, drew barrymore stars in a new movie set in san francisco. but she films it without going the distance. don sanchez is on the aisle review. force force
5:53 am
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well, here are the winning numbers from last night's superlotto. 12, 15, 21, 30, 45. s meganumber 23. no one picked all six numbers. wednesday night's jackpot is estimated at $13 million. in theaters this weekend, a film starring drew barrymore called going the distance about a by coastal relationship, one with local ties. she lives here in san francisco. but as abc 7's arts and entertainment reporter don sanchez explains on his on the aisle review, none of it was actually shot here. >> okay. whales the meanest you ever got. >> i had to meet my wife for breakfast. (laughter) >> drew barrymore and justin long meet at a bar and it's instant attraction. ♪ lost in every moment. >> maybe fun if the deejay did
5:56 am
hock up. >> what year is this? >> it's -- nothing worse than an old wine. >> that's how i feel. >> she goes back to san francisco while he stays in new york. ♪ >> exploring a bicoastal relationship. >> he could be some hot bartender. >> now i'm freaking out. >> thank you. >> i'm your sister. this is what i'm here to do, terrify you. >> the first feature for documentary film maker nanette bernstein. >> you will see a drew barry more you've never seen before. back here she snaps up a reporting job at the chronicle. i thought they were downsizing. there are san francisco aerials but nothing was shot here. >> san francisco doesn't make it cheap to shoot here. there's a tax incentive to shoot in new york. we planned to shoot here, really
5:57 am
wanted to but it was very expensive to film in san francisco. >> that's disgusting. >> this could have been a cute romantic comedy but instead they gave it a nasty foul-mouthed edge and it really doesn't work. justin and drew were dating or are dating during the film and there are times it seems the relationship is strained. does bring the need to bring film makers to the bay area. good for the economy. i'll give this one a little more than a quarter of a bucket. i'm don sanchez, abc news and we'll see you on the aisle. >> the second day of the sausalito art festival. not sure they can match attendance over the previous year, partly because of the weather. some artists tell the journal they are pleased with first day sales figures despite windy and cooler temperatures yesterday. today pablo cruz, the tubes and dave mason are performing on the festival main stage. up next at 6:00, craigslist sensored with a single word.
5:58 am
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